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Who’s to blame? August 9, 2011

Posted by Roger Rickard in Advocacy.
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The following has been sent to USA Today, Wall Street Journal and the Sacramento Bee newspapers as a Letter to the Editor:

Who’s to blame?

Due to the recent debacle in Washington over the debt-ceiling, American’s are asking “Who’s to blame?”

Most would like to blame the incompetent members of Congress, incapable of patriotic compromise over scoring political points for the upcoming election. They are an easy target with the constant pandering to the media with tongue lashing partisan political attacks aimed at the opposition. The President and Congress both share an equally fair amount of the American wrath.

It’s time to look in the mirror. Blame simply goes to the American electorate, who have usurped their role in our republic buy forfeiting there voice to elected officials and divisively partisan political parties. We as individual citizens must participate in the process. We must use our voice to advocate. We must call, write, attend town halls, or any other opportunity to share our thoughts and desires with those we have entrusted to serve. It is not shame on them, the elected, it us shame on us the citizen. This is our fault if we don’t participate in the process of governing. Don’t shrug your shoulders and claim that ‘the elected’ don’t listen even if we the citizen try. If the elected don’t listen, then you must do the one thing that you can control – VOTE. We have the power to hire and fire with every single election, but rarely do we exercise our full rights.

If you are looking for someone to blame – look in the mirror!

Sincerely – a concerned citizen,

Roger Rickard

Rocklin, CA